Welcome to Liz Claiborne Home, a guide to help you turn the place you live into the home of your dreams. Nothing will give your family greater pleasure than a home that both pleases your eye and answers your needs. And the first step is actually the most fun - fully imagining how you want to live. Do you see yourself in an elegant room full of rich woods? Or in an overstuffed chair by a fire? Do you visualize a sleek retreat of a cozy spot full of children and pets? Your answers are the beginning of the transformation. Visit Bednarski Furniture, where our expert interior decorators can match your tastes with the perfect room settings available from the Liz Claiborne Home collection.

CRITICAL THINKING Apply a critical eye to your possessions. Are you keeping pieces that you no longer like or that serve no purpose, simply for sentimental reasons? Are certain items past their prime? If you have trouble deciding, take a photograph. In a snapshot it becomes abundantly clear if a chair has become shabby or a sofa's springs are sagging.

EXPLORE All to often people hesitate about buying furniture because they fear that their aesthetic isn't fully formed, that their taste is still evolving, or that they will make a mistake and buy an expensive item that won't work with the rest of their furniture. But the truth is, the best pieces work with any number of styles. Even if your aesthetic changes, a great sofa or armoire or table will be able to adapt. When buying major pieces, look for those that are classic in their lines and subdued in their presence.

TEXTURE gives a room visual richness. Place a painted cabinet, like a hand-painted entertainment center near a gleaming lamp to emphasize their contrasting surfaces.

COLOR will unify any grouping, whatever their shapes, such as the collection of vases on the friends & neighbors dresser (right).

PATTERNS If a room is rich in patterns , keep accessories subdued.

BALANCE & SCALE are crucial. Don't pair large objects with tiny ones. And remember, clutter should be avoided. If you are having trouble with an arrangement, try removing a piece.